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Youth across America are under attack: by politicians, by the media, and by artists. This website presents an opposing viewpoint.

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Ageism on Trial
A primer on the subject of this site. A true courtroom drama, and a thought-provoking exploration of prejudice — all in one little essay.

art and culture

The Hollywood Dream Factory vs. Youth
Thoughts on a Hollywood cliché and a list of "hit movies."
Child-Abusing Filmmaker
Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva attacked at least one child. Now Hollywood pays him to make films relishing this act.
Stigmatizing Child Victims
Pop-culture attacking abused children.
Those People are Looking at Our Women
The myth of the young sexual predator promoted by the entertainment industry.
Pro-Youth Film Critiques
In this section of the Pro-Youth Pages, we offer in-depth analysis of individual movies, including:
Weak Superheroes
Even when young characters have super powers, old artists insist they be weak.
A Strong Hero: Ender, not Katniss
The Hunger Games does not have a strong protagonist, but Ender's Game does. Here's an examination.
Young Heroes in Horror Movies
Why was "I Know What You Did Last Summer" the most significant horror film of the 90s? Because it let young people be heroes.
Veronica Mars
The greatest cultural revolution of our time — a television show!
The Decline and Fall of "Veronica Mars"
It had to happen. Nothing that great could stay golden. Read our analysis of Seasons Two and Three.
John Hughes: A Great Light has Gone Out
In remembrance of John Hughes, a look at his impact on popular culture.
Crime Against Youth
How mystery novels treat youth. It covers works by:
  • Joyce Carol Oates
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • Scott Turow
  • Robert B. Parker
  • Sue Grafton
  • Sara Paretsky
  • Andrew Vachss
  • plus Nancy Drew and other YA's
Dennis Lehane's Nosedives
A quick review of Lehane's novel Sacred, and a thorough examination of how Lehane's Moonlight Mile rips off Bret Easton Ellis and other anti-youth writers.
J.D. Salinger Poem
A fresh look at Catcher in the Rye gives new meaning to "poetry slam."
Toy Store Sexism
Toy stores are segregated into the boys section and the girls section. The main motive, of course, is money, but this harms boys and girls.


Taking the Fifth
The Fifth Commandment is not as anti-youth as most Americans have been led to believe. Biblical secrets that bad parents don't want their children to know are examined.

news media

Wilding Journalists
From the Central Park jogger case to the Ryan Harris murder, reporters will jump on any excuse to vilify youth.
The Republican Terrorist and Media Bias
A recent act of terror by a Republican Party activist offers an illustration of media bias against youth.
How Ted Koppel Dug his own Grave
Why newsman Ted Koppel almost lost his job to David Letterman.


K-12 Culture
An inside look at why America's K-12 schools do not educate.
Successful Schools Finally Found — in Finland
Less restrictive schools lead to greater education, as proven in Finland.
Huckleberry Finn's REAL Controversy
Our schools ban America's most classic novel for the same reason they censor Martin Luther King.
Civics Kept out of Classrooms
Civics is one school subject that could empower youth to influence public policy. But in California, among other states, the Department of Education robs students of any chance to learn civics.
Naming your Teacher, Naming Yourself
Should you call your teacher "Mr." even when he calls you by your first name? Here are some thoughts on defying this double-standard.

public policy

Curfew Laws
Analyzing curfew laws in America. Are they effective? Are they justifiable? Are they morally appropriate?
Draft Rangel; I'm staying here
Rep. Chuck Rangel wants to draft young men and women into the military. Here's a better idea: let's draft Rangel.
"Service Learning"
Forced "volunteer" work isn't just exploitation with a happy face. It hurts our economy, too.
A Hurtful Penumbra
Examines the current U.S. Supreme Court Justices, plus Pres. George W. Bush, in their treatment of youth. Along the way, it tackles such issues as:
  • Age-based censorship
  • Abortion age-limits
  • Drug testing in schools
  • Double-standards in sexual harassment law
  • Child visitation rights
Death Penalty Double-Standard
The Supreme Court is at it again.
Obama's first Supreme Court pick opposed youth rights and free speech. We've got the dirt.
The Pledge of Allegiance vs. Freedom
In the Summer of 2002, America suddenly had this flap about the Pledge of Allegiance. Here are some thoughts about the Pledge and students' rights.
Why We Need 16-Year-Old Voters
The case for a lower voting age barrier.
The Disenfranchised
Thoughts on democracy.
Research Reveals Six Reasons that 16 is a Better Voting Age than 18
The science and empirical evidence that support expanding the voting age.
Philip Morris
The tobacco co. promotes prejudice for fun and profit. This essay, originally confined to the Pro-Youth Pages boycott section, now holds so much information it deserves this stand-alone position.
America's war on drugs has been wrongly directed against youth. A recent study shows that one attack plan (the use of TV ads) badly misfired, and the latest casualty in the war on drugs is the myth that youth are impressionable.
Police Bias Skews Statistics, Study Shows
Teenaged drivers are stereotyped as irresponsible. A 2008 study unmasks the myth, proving that police ticket young drivers while letting older ones off with a warning.
Sweeping Death Under the Rug
Graduated driver licenses are raising highway fatalities. When "feel-good" laws insult youth and kill people, it's time to hit the brakes.
The Right to Drive
After an elderly driver killed 10 people, we ask why the right to drive is so sacred when it comes to the elderly, but not when it comes to youth.


The Blind Spot in Black History Month
Some of the most important figures in the American Civil Rights Movement were teenagers. Why are they overlooked even during Black History Month?
Claudette Colvin Known at Last, Known at Last
Finally one blind spot in black history has been fixed with the release of this book about the great heroine of the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
October declared Youth History Month
Louis Braille, Eliza Lucas Pinkney, and other youths made dramatic contributions to history. It's time they were honored.
Youth History Uncovered
Even more youths' contributions to history surface in our review of Phillip Hoose's We Were There, Too!
Berkeley Free Speech Movement
In the 1960's, U.C. Berkeley was as oppressive as many high schools are today. Here's how a group of students rose up and changed the rules.
Top 5 Juvenile Delinquents who Solved World Problems
A humorous look at young rebels who improved the world.

take action

Best Companies to Boycott
A few companies that rank among the worst in hurting youth. Depriving them of your money could do a lot of good.
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Shake Up Your School
A step-by-step guide for students who want to change school policies, showing how to organize successful protests, get free legal assistance, and get free help from the government.
How to Argue with Your Teacher and Win
A teacher reveals the secrets to arguing with a teacher.


The Latest
Quick thoughts on items in the news. This page will be updated once every so often.
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Links, recommended reading, and more. For when the Pro-Youth Pages just isn't enough.

old stuff

Which Newt Gingrich Will Emerge?
As Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich attacked youth. Then as an intellectual, he supported youth. Which way will he go as a presidential candidate?
5 Reasons to Like Howard Dean
Presidential candidate Howard Dean has excited youth, and for good reason. He may be the most youth-friendly candidate to come along in years.
Stand Up to John Kerry
Sen. John Kerry, one Democratic candidate for President in 2004, is even worse than Joe Lieberman on youth issues, and that's saying something. Here's how you can help reform John Kerry, and keep him out of the White House if he refuses to reform.
John Kerry Ducks our Questions
John Kerry tries to appease youth advocates with non-statements.
Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader supports youth rights. Should youth-advocates support Nader?
Help Mitchell Crooks
After Crooks videotaped police beating Donovan Jackson, police retaliated by arresting Crooks. Here are details, plus info on how you can contribute to Crooks's defense.


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