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Ford Motor Company

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Ford’s Ageist Priorities


Ford Motor Company has long been known for making cheap cars. Now they've found a way to drive up their prices without making their cars any more reliable, safe, fuel-efficient, or even good-looking. They call it "MyKey."

Hoping they can appeal to control freak parents, they've created technology to help such parents dominate their children. Starting with 2010 models, some Ford cars will enable parents to essentially booby trap their cars before letting their offspring drive. The traps include a limit on radio volume, limits on speed, and an unending beeping sound that nags at the driver for not wearing a seatbelt. Instead of investing in technology that could make their cars match the quality of Honda and Toyota, they have chosen to compete on the field of ageism. They have chosen to spend money developing technology that has no purpose except to insult youth.

Enough with the insults. Don't give Ford any more money to spend this way. Buy a good car instead.

Update: 11/22/08

Last month, the Pro-Youth Pages called on conscientious consumers to boycott Ford. This week, Ford's CEO went before congress to beg for financial assistance. That's what happens when you mess with America's youth.

Okay, our boycott isn't the only reason Ford is hurting. But it is related. Their financial problems result from their managements' misplaced priorities. While other automakers have invested in making their cars more reliable, more fuel-efficient, and more safe, Ford has focused instead on making their cars more frustrating for youth and on convincing gullible parents to buy unsafe, over-priced, fuel-wasting SUV's.

Ford's CEO still doesn't get it. He doesn't understand that what consumers want is, not better marketing, but better cars.

Rather than take responsibility for the poor strategy, Ford's CEO blames their troubles on America's faltering economy. Evidence suggests that is not the real cause. Toyota, for example, is doing fine even though they sell their vehicles in the same markets as Ford and have their cars built in the same places. (Toyota builds more cars in the United States than Ford builds in all of North America.)

Ford doesn't deserve to be bailed out with taxpayers' money. They made their bed. It is time for them to lie in it.

Please contact your Senators and tell them, No Bailout for Ford.